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The recruitment application that’s easy to use yet powerful
Traditionally, recruiting has been a Recruiters Job. With RecruitPro you just don't have a small team of Recruiters, but your entire organization works towards your Recruitment. Simply put, every employee is a potential recruiter in your organization. RecruitPro helps everyone share, collaborate & make great hires.

Drives the entire talent acquisition process from posting to hire
Our plug-n-play recruitment application manages your entire recruiting process – applicant tracking, sourcing, career site, employee referral, agency management, reporting and more. Process
Job Marketing
Job Ads Print Advertisements, Consultants, Job posting in job sites are your conventional recruiting methods.

RecruitPro takes your Jobs to the market through completely different paradigm to attract high quality candidates at a much lower cost.
Easy to use for everyone
It’s so simple and intuitive that you will instantly increase recruiting efficiency.
Leverages employee social networks for hiring
networking RecruitPro’s social networking gadgets and tools help leverage employee referral to its fullest extent & help you reach highly qualified passive jobseekers at a much lower cost
Quality, speed, control
RecruitPro streamlines your hiring process for speed. Our hiring workflow automation removes barriers − no paper, no email silos, no delays. You have a real-time view of your entire hiring ecosystem and control of your recruiting process. With RecruitPro, you can find more quality candidates, hire faster and reduce recruiting costs.
Enhance Employer Brand
With RecruitPro's Intuitive, Interactive & social Careersite - your Employer brand will get a big boost.