Recruitment Software


RecruitPro Live Helps Manage the Entire Work Flow

Work Flow

Reduces hiring time and improves quality of hire

Hiring activities require involvement from recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers and executives. With RecruitPro’s distributed model for hiring, everyone gets the information they need in real-time. And your team collaborates efficiently to capture more top quality candidates for your company.

Requisition approval and posting

Submit requisitions for approval via email and see status. When approved, automatically updates your career site with the new listing.

Interview emails & SMS

Interview emails & SMS is sent to all stake holders automatically in one click to avoid task repetition


Recruiters and hiring managers can see new applicants right away, screen and collaborate on next steps.

Flexible workflow

Steps in hiring and approval workflows are easily edited to match your business process.

Instant updates

As soon as the status for any candidate is updated, the information is updated across the entire value chain, thus enhancing transparency in recruiting