Recruitment Software


RecruitPro Live Helps Manage Agency and Resume sent by them effectively

Collaboration with staffing agencies
When you tap external recruiters to fill positions, you want them to work within your hiring framework efficiently. With RecruitPro’s self-service agency portal, your selected vendors collaborate with you seamlessly.

Submit candidates directly
Your vendors submit candidates directly into your candidate database and workflow. You see all your candidates in one view with sources clearly identified.

Agency communication
Saves communication between you and your agencies about candidates they have submitted by providing online feedbacks

Unlimited Logins agencies
You invite the external recruiters you need, worldwide.

Staffing agency view
When agencies log in, they see the details on requisitions assigned to them and the status of candidates submitted by them.

Duplicate candidates
RecruitPro eliminates duplicate Resume using key identification fields & also helps in tackling duplicate related the issue of duplicate candidates because all candidate submissions are time stamped

Measure effectiveness

Automatically generates reports on candidates and hires from staffing agencies