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RecruitPro is published by 24x7 Software Technologies, a software development company catering exclusively to recruitment needs of clients.

24x7 Software Technologies is promoted by industry experts with 30 man years experience in Recruitment. Started in December 2005, 24x7 Software Technologies has developed various Recruitment tools & applications for its clients ranging from Top Indian Business houses to Startup companies.

Objective: Simplifying Recruitment

Mission: To be a leading Global Technology solutions provider for Recruitment needs of clients and help simplify the Recruitment Process through Technology

Passion: We are passionate about our work of Simplifying Recruitment & believe that passion for what we do is the key driver to knowledge. Knowledge nurtures imagination and creativity, the seeds of our organization.

Innovation: As we are always trying to create new tools to increase value to our customers.

Partnership: We believe Partnership & Team work is paramount in all that we do, in our relationships with clients, with partners and with each other.

RecruitPro Story

In 2007 February, 24x7 Software Technologies launched RecruitPro 360, a product par excellence. The product is like clay which can be molded according to need by customers themselves. The software is ideal for recruiting businesses which are into niche segments or with unique recruiting methodology. With almost zero help, recruiting professionals can create their information database & configure its usability. With Web 2.0 making big in-roads in our life, we again ventured into developing a vibrant application which can fully utilize the power of web 2.0 & help recruiters make great hires. RecruitPro Live is the culmination of this effort.